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Phone: (828)-287-6075

Fax: (828)-287-6489

Non Emergency Transport Division:  (828) 287-6066

Hours: M-F 8:30am-12:00pm 1:00pm-5:00pm




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Amerik Medical Billing




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Rutherford County uses Amerik Medical Billing to process all payments.  

If you have any questions concerning your invoice, please call 800-831-1418.








Kerry Giles - Director (828.288.4505) kerry.giles@rutherfordcountync.gov

Terry Baynard - Operations Manager (828.287.6081) terry.baynard@rutherfordcountync.gov

Tammy McCrory - Training Officer (828.287.6383) tammy.mccrory@rutherfordcountync.gov

Kaleb Johnson - Shift Supervisor (828.287.6077) kaleb.johnson@rutherfordcountync.gov

Crystal Suttle - Shift Supervisor (828.287.6077) crystal.suttle@rutherfordcountync.gov

Jennifer Mooney - Shift Supervisor (828.287.6077) jennifer.mooney@rutherfordcountync.gov

Phillip Hill - Non Emergency Supervisor (828.287.6334) phillip.hill@rutherfordcountync.gov

Amanda Shires - Community Paramedic (828.287.6076) amanda.shires@rutherfordcountync.gov




















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RCEMS System Plan 2011

Addition of Drew Harrill

Addition of Dr. England

Addition of TransMed

Deletion of TransMed



The EMS division of Rutherford County Emergency Services operates 5 paramedic ambulances based out of 4 EMS stations in Spindale, Lake Lure, Bostic and Cliffside.  Along with the ambulance crews, a 24 hour quick response vehicle is based out of the Spindale Station.  The QRV is operated by the services shift supervisor who responds to high-acuity calls along with providing back up in the times were system resources are taxed.   Three non-emergency ambulances are also used Monday-Saturday for non-emergency transports.

Rutherford County EMS strives to provide the best possible care to those we serve.  With this common goal in mind we work to utilize the latest technology and trends to help decrease mortality within the County.    A few advances that help Rutherford County EMS provide a level of care that is second to none are:

  • Utilization of Mobile Data Terminals on which all dispatch information is displayed to help the responding EMS unit better prepare for the patient’s needs and choose the best route for travel.
  • Utilization of Electronic Patient Care Reporting to better access patient information and compile data that is used for quality improvement.
  • Purchase of new, state of the art cardiac monitors with the latest technology and capabilities to assist the medics in providing the highest quality of care.
  • Continued monitoring of system performance through data collection, quality management initiatives and a very active medical oversight program.


Rutherford County EMS employs 41 full time employees and approximately 20 part time employees.

Each emergency ambulance operated by Rutherford County EMS is staffed with one or two EMT-Paramedics which is the highest level of prehospital care available.

Our service area consists of the entire 564 square mile area of the county and a population of approximately 64,000.  In 2012, Rutherford County EMS traveled in excess of 250,000 miles  while responding to calls and transporting patients.

Our Emergency Division responds to approximately 10,000 emergency calls per year and our Specialized Transport Division provide approximately 3,000 transports per year.

As the primary EMS provider for the citizens and visitors of Rutherford County, RCEMS
strives to improve care through quality improvement.  The Rutherford County EMS
System conducts quarterly meetings of it Quality Management Committee which consists
of representatives from all agencies that provide emergency care within the county. 
These agencies includes the 911 center, rescue squads, EMS, first responders and the hospital.  

The training department at Rutherford County EMS, has a primary focus of improving care within the system.  The training department consists of one training officer and three field training officers.    The current major focus of the training department is survivability of cardiac arrest patients; therefore Rutherford County EMS has recently implemented new procedures and techniques for care of patients who are experiencing cardiac arrest.     Some examples of our care changes are the “PIT Crew CPR” and “Code Cool” which are the some of the latest advances in emergency medicine. 


Established in 2012, the Non Emergency Transport Division serves those citizens that may not have a medical emergency but need ambulance transportation for dialysis treatment, doctors appointments and other medical needs.  This division specializes in the transport of bed confined patients.  We have a deep understanding of  the special needs that present due to various medical conditions.  Our employees are specially trained in proper patient movement techniques and stretcher manipulation to provide the highest quality of care and comfort for the patient during transport.   We can easily accommodate patients in excess of 300 pounds with our bariatric stretcher.  If you have any questions regarding this division, please do not hesitate to contact our office at the number listed below.

Important Fact:  Many transports are defined as “medically necessary” for ambulance transportation, determination for medical necessity is obviously determined by Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance providers but our  experienced staff are very knowledgeable in requirements for meeting “medical  necessity” and can assist you any time that you may have a question.  Our department will assist you in obtaining proper documents required for determining eligibility for non-emergency transportation.



Established in 1973, Rutherford County EMS began as a Basic Life Support Ambulance provider to serve the citizens of Rutherford County.  Prior to the establishment of EMS, local rescue crews and funeral homes provided transport of patients to hospitals as needed.


In 1986, with the growing need of a more advanced level of service, the department progressed to provide care at the paramedic level.  For many years all responses were handled from the main base station in Spindale.  With the growing need to descrease response times, the county established a plan to build more stations in the outlying  areas.


In 2005, EMS Station 2 was established by staffing a full time paramedic EMS ambulance that is located at the Hickory Nut Gorge Rescue base in Lake Lure.


In 2007, EMS Station 3 was built, located on Willis Circle in Bostic, NC.  This station serves dual roles by housing EMS crews on the upper level and is used for apparatus storage by the Bostic Fire Department on the lower level.


In 2015, EMS Station 4 was built, located on Hwy. 221A in Caroleen, NC.  EMS has been surving the southeastern area of the county since 2012, when an ambulance and crew were placed at the current Cliffside Fire Department. 





















EMS in Rutherford County continues to be a progressive service that strives to provide care that is second to none to the residents and visitors of Rutherford County.


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