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Rutherford County Addressing Department
The Rutherford County Addressing Department is responsible for assigning new house numbers and ordering road signs. Sign installation is managed by the Maintenance Department.
How do I obtain an address?
Rutherford County does not address vacant lots. When you are ready to build or add a manufactured home you must get a building pre-permit from the Revenue Department . The Addressing Department must be able to determine where the actual site will be based on your information and location of the driveway.
How do I obtain a building pre-permit? 
  • Come to the Addressing Department to obtain a pre-permit for new construction, modular homes, remodeling, retaining walls and cell towers. You may also obtain a map of the property.
  • Come to the Listing Department to obtain a pre-permit for mobile homes. This pre-permit is the 1st step in order to obtain a moving permit for mobile homes.
Be prepared to provide the following information:
  • property owner's name
  • property location
  • power supplier
  • current mailing address
  • current phone number
There is no charge to obtain a pre-permit.
Once you have a map and the pre-permit application form you will go to the Environmental Services Office to get a septic permit. With a copy of the pre permit application form, your septic permit, and your zoning permit (if needed) you are now ready to go to the Building Inspector’s office to get the building permit.  If you are building in Forest City or the Forest City ETJ you will get your building permit from the Town of Forest City Building and Zoning Department.
NOTE: If you are inside the city limits of Chimney Rock, Lake Lure, Rutherfordton, Spindale or Bostic you must obtain a zoning permit from the Zoning Department in the respective town before starting any of the above processes.
How will I be notified of my new address?
Most of the time you will get your address when you apply for a pre-permit. We can relay the address by phone if no one is available to give you a number at the time of your visit. The Addressing Department will notify you and the Building Inspections Office.
Where and how do I display my new E-911 address?
Postal regulations and county ordinance require your new address to be posted on your mailbox if you receive your mail at your home. The numbers need to be (3) three-inch numbers and displayed on each side of the mailbox. If there is more than one mailbox, please post the numbers on the door of the mailbox. The County requires you to display your address on the front of your structure if it is visible from the street. Display (3) three-inch numbers for a residence, or (6) six-inch numbers for a business. If your house is (75) seventy-five feet or greater from the roadway, please display a sign indicating the assigned number at the entrance to the driveway.
When does a private drive have to be named?
Once a third structure has been added to the same piece of property on a single driveway, then the driveway must be named. This reduces the confusion for fire and rescue services. If a road has to be named, the Addressing Department will work with the landowner to use the name of their choice. If after (30) thirty days the road has not been named, the Addressing Department will assign a name to the road or drive. If the County assigns the road name there is no cost to the landowner.
What is the cost of naming a private road or drive?
The cost for naming a private road is $100. Each additional sign is $50 if more than one is needed for the same road. This is a one-time payment. The county replaces if any damage occurs to the pole or sign.
What do I do if the road sign is missing from the road I live on?
If the road you live on has a sign missing please contact the Addressing Department. We will get the sign replaced as quickly as possible. In most cases the sign will have to be ordered. Please be patient with us.
Phone numbers for Offices:
Addressing Office: 828-287-6320
Building Inspections: 828-287-6035
Forest City Building Inspections: 828-247-4426
Environmental Health Services: 828-287-6317
All offices are open Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM except for holidays.