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Rutherford County GIS/Land Records Department

The GIS/Land Records Department utilizes computer technology, orthophotography, and land records to update and maintain the County’s property records. This collection of base maps, land features and values are used to compile our geographic information system (GIS). With this system tracts of land are assigned 3 unique identifiers:

  1. The parcel identification number (PIN) is a sequential number assigned by the county’s computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) system;
  2. The geographic parcel identification Number (GPIN) which is generated using the NC State Plane Coordinate System;
  3. A map/block/lot (MBL) number assigned by mapping personnel. This is a tax lot not a subdivision lot.

These numbers are used to identify parcels to update and maintain the parcel information such as owner, acreage, value, and fire district. Our maps are the basis of information on which many other departments rely.

In addition to maintaining data, the GIS staff is also available to make custom maps or distribute digital data, to the general public, contractors or other county departments. For more information or to request data the GIS Department may be contacted at (828) 287-1226. You may also visit our office located in the back of the Courthouse. It is best to call for an appointment. We are located at 229 N. Main Street, Suite A100-A101 in Rutherfordton, NC.
For questions concerning property transfers and estate transfers please call: 828-287-6189
For questions concerning property E911 Addresses call 828-287-6366
Email GIS Coordinator to request digital data.
Cost for services provided:
GIS Produced Aerial Maps Cost
GIS 8 1/2 x 11 (Size A) $2.00
GIS 11 x 17 (Size B) $4.00
GIS 17 x 22 (Size C) $10.00
GIS 22 x 34 (Size D) $15.00
GIS 34 x 44 (Size E) $20.00
Half Price without Aerials
CD Data $20.00 per CD
Plats Copies (18’ x 24’) $2.00
Xerox copies - letter, legal or ledger size $0.20 each
Availability: Requests can be made by phone or in person Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm except holidays. All efforts will be made to provide the requested information within 10 working days. To visit our Rutherford County GIS website please click here.