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Personal Property FAQ
Q: What is personal property?
A: Personal property consists of boats and motors, jet skis, mobile homes, aircraft (includes hot air balloons and gliders), and all unlicensed (untagged) automobiles, trucks, trailers, campers, motorcycles, business equipment, tractors, and farm equipment.
Q: When do I need to list personal property?
A: We begin listing personal property on January 2nd. The last day to list or postmark the listing form is January 31st.
Q: If I still own the same personal property as I listed last year, do I still need to list?
A: Yes, personal property has to be listed each year.
Q: When do I let you know that I have sold my personal property?
A: This can be reported during the listing period on the listing form.
Q: When will I receive the bill for my personal property?
A: Bills are usually mailed in July or August of each year.
Q: How and when may I appeal the value of my personal property?
A: All appeals must be in writing to the Rutherford County Assessor's Office, P.O. Box 143, Rutherfordton, NC 28139 within 30 days of the bill date.