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Most Common Questions
Where can I get Voter Registration Forms?
You can register at the DMV office, Employment Security Commission, DSS and WIC offices. You can also pick up a form at any Rutherford County Public Library and any of the Town Halls or at the Board of Elections office (298 Fairground Rd.) or print one out from the file below. Complete and sign the form and mail it to us. We'll send a voter card back to you!
How do I change my party affiliation?
We must have one of two documents signed by the voter (an e-mail won't do.) Either send us your voter card with the change marked on the back or complete a voter registration application form, showing the new party affiliation, and send it to us. Make sure you sign the card/form! We'll do the data entry and send a new voter card to you.
Election Time Questions
How do I use the voting machines?
Voting with the ES&S iVotronic

1. Activate Ballot - The pollworker will activate your electronic ballot and briefly explain the voting process. Touch begin voting to display your ballot.


2. Select Candidate - To select your candidate, touch the box next to the name. To de-select, touch the box again. the iVotronic will not allow you to vote for more people than may be elected to any one office. 


3. Review Ballot - After completing last ballot page, touch "review" and carefully review the selection review screen. To change or make a new choice, touch the box next to candidate or office name, and then touch box next to new selection. 


When finished, press the flashing red "vote" button to cast your ballot.

"Thank You For Voting" screen means you have properly cast your ballot. 

What can I do about the campaign signs in my yard?
The Board of Elections is not responsible for campaign signs. You can contact the Political Party office for the candidate or the candidate directly. The candidates information is on this website under Candidate Filing.
I am going to be unavailable on Election Day. But I really want to vote. How can you help?
We offer the option of absentee voting as an alternative to voting on Election Day.
How do I vote Absentee?
1. Send us a letter and request that a ballot be mailed to you. You should vote it, seal it in the envelope provided, have a witness over the age of 18 sign showing that it was really you who signed the outside of the envelope (not witness to your vote!) and then mail it back to us. Regular mail is fine, but we must receive it back by the Monday before the Election or it must be postmarked by that date. 
2. You may also requst an Absentee Ballot by requesting an official Absenttee Ballot Request form from Rutherford County. (Just click the link below)This form may only be issued to the voter, the voter's near relative* or the voter's legal guardian. It is not permissable for the form to be duplicated.
3. You may vote absentee in-person, which is available at our office and during large elections we may have other locations open also. The dates of absentee voting are under the Election Schedule section of this website and the absentee locations are under Absentee voting.
How do I vote, in a Primary Election, if I am registered Unaffiliated?
When you arrive at your polling place you must choose to vote Republican, Democrat or you can decline to choose. 
Republican - You may vote in the Republican races and the non-partisan races. 
Democrat - You may vote in the Democratic races and the non-partisan races. 
Declining to choose - You may only vote in the non-partisan races (e.g. Superior Court Judges). 
These limitations don't apply during a November General Election, only in Primary Elections. In General Elections, any registered voter just goes to the appropriate polling place and votes, without needing to worry about which party they are registered in.
What is an Observer?
Observers are chosen by the political parties to be present at the polling place during elections to observe the voting process. To become an observer, contact your party office.
Other Questions
How are members of the Board of Elections selected?
North Carolina General Statute 163-30 states "The State chairman of each political party shall have the right to recommend to the State Board of Elections three registered voters in each county for appointment to the board of elections for that county. If such recommendations are received by the Board 15 or more days before the last Tuesday in June 1985, and each two years thereafter, it shall be the duty of the State Board of Elections to appoint the county boards from the names thus recommended." 
The local political parties will submit three names to the State political party chairman.
I received 2 voter cards in the mail. Why? What should I do?
Unless you have made a change to your registration this probably indicates an error in our records, of which we need to become aware. Please send us both cards back, with a quick note explaining that both cards are for the same person, to P.O. Box 927 Rutherfordton, NC 28139. We will research the situation, fix it and mail you a new card.
The mailman delivered a voter card to my house, but that person doesn't live here. What should I do?
Please return the voter card to us along with whatever information you have. If the individual has moved, we'll try to contact them at the new address. Failing that, or if the individual is deceased, we'll try to remove them from the voter registration files. Either way, you'll be doing us a big service by letting us know.
Do you have a question you don't see answered here? Then please send us a message. Include in the body of the text a note that we ought to include it in our FAQ section as well as the question you want an answer to. That'll be a BIG help! Thanks!