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Landfill Hours:


7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


7:30 AM – 12:30 PM


Phone: (828)287-6125
Fax: (828) 287-6312


Please recycle the following items:

·      Newspaper and all inserts

·      White paper and office paper

·      Steel/Tin food cans

·      All Glass food and beverage containers

·      Corrugated cardboard

·      Paperboard, cereal boxes, shoeboxes, pizza boxes

·      All plastics with recycling symbol

·      Aseptic juice cartons

·      Gable-top paper cartons. Example milk cartons

·      Aluminum food and beverage containers

·      Telephone books

·      Mail

·      Magazines, catalogs and junk mail

·      Paperback and hardbound books

·      All other mixed paper including this sheet.


Landfill Procedures

The Rutherford County Landfill is located at the dead end of Laurel Hill Drive, which turns off Charlotte Road behind Hardee’s and Crowe’s Mortuary. The landfill will accept household garbage, demolition materials, brush and tree limbs, pallets, metal, white goods (which consists of refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers, hot water heaters, dishwashers, etc.), tires, oil, oil filters, batteries and dead animals. They will not accept liquids, hazardous waste, insecticides, chemicals, etc. The landfill also accepts used computers, TVs & etc for a fee of $15.00 per CRT (old glass picture tube type) and $5.00 per unit on flatscreens and computers. If electronics are stripped then the regular household rate will apply. ($62.00 per ton)


There are 10 convenience centers located around the county. They will accept household garbage, furniture, metal, oil, batteries, aluminum cans, glass, plastic, cardboard and newspaper and all other clean recyclables as mentioned above.


Upon entering the landfill, drive onto the scales; stop at the ‘stop’ sign and speaker. An attendant will ask what you are hauling. You will then be directed where to put your items. After emptying your items, cross back over the scales so the weighmaster can determine how much weight was brought in. (1) Any house garbage, furniture, grass clippings and painted pallets will go into the transfer station (the green building) on the left side of the road. (2) Demolition materials will go to the #2 sign on the right to the bottom of the hill following the blue arrow signs. (3) Yard waste (brush, limbs) will go to the end to the right to the #3 sign. (ONLY YARD WASTE IS TO BE PUT IN THIS LOCATION!) Excluding stumps we are not permitted to take. Unpainted pallets will be disposed of near the yard pile. (4) Any metal or white goods will be put in the metal pile on the right. Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners will be placed separately beside the metal pile so coolants can be removed. (5) Oil will be poured into the silver oil tank to the right of the metal pile. Oil filters will be placed in a 55 gallon drum at the far end of the shop. (6) Batteries will be placed in front of the shop between the doors. (7) Tires are to be “laced” into the tire trailers that are on the right upon entering the landfill. All people bringing tires must come across scales to be weighed and to the office to fill out paperwork before unloading tires. The landfill cannot accept tires with the rims still attached. Individuals are allowed to bring 5 tires at no cost one time. After that, they must pay $1.00 each per car size, $5.00 each per transfer truck size and $10.00 each per tractor size. If the tires are coming from a tire business, a completed Tire Certification Sheet must be filled out stating amount and size of tires, with business name and address, etc. (8) Dead animals are to be taken to the animal burial area near the demolition area. Signs are placed for directions.Dogs and cats are free but all other animals or animal parts the fee will be $10.00 minimum or $37.00 per ton.(In bad weather, landfill attendants will take them down.) (9) All CLEAN recyclables will be free of charge. If recyclables are not clean then the regular garbage rate applies. Clean means no food residues, styrofoam, plastic bags or other nonrecyclable items.


County residents (anyone living outside any city limits) pay a Solid Waste fee of $125.00 per household on their tax bill every year. Residents are then permitted to use the 10 convenience centers free of charge. Municipal residents (anyone living inside city limits) do not pay the $125.00 Solid Waste fee. Therefore, they are NOT  to use the convenience centers because they have trash pickup by their town employees.


EVERYONE PAYS, (including churches & schools) when they bring items to the landfill. The fees are $62.00 per ton for house garbage, $42.00 per ton for demolition and $35.00 for brush and $45.00 for metal. After crossing the scale upon entrance to the landfill, emptying your vehicle and crossing back on the scale, the attendant will then tell the resident what is owed and give a receipt upon payment. Methods of payment are as follows: cash, check or credit card. If you use a credit card there will be a $2.00 service charge added per transaction.


ALL BUSINESSES MUST PAY Businesses are NOT to use the convenience centers. This includes anyone who may be doing a job for a neighbor that is being paid for their labor.


Convenience Center Hours:

MON - FRI 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM

SAT 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM



Hollis Center Hours:

MON, WED & FRI - 7AM - 6PM

SAT - 8AM - 6PM


(All locations will be closed on Sunday)


The 10 Convenience Center sites are listed below:


  1. Avondale Center: 2810 Ellenboro-Henrietta Rd
  2. Bills Creek Center:2130 Bills Creek Road.
  3. Colfax Center: 1676 US 74 Business
  4. Danieltown Center:1381 Bethany Church Rd.
  5. Gilkey Center: 2489 HWY 221 N
  6. Golden Valley Center: 6075 Bostic-Sunshine Hwy.
  7. Green Hill Center: 204 Rainbow Rapids Rd.
  8. Hollis Center: 448 Hollis Rd.
  9. Pea Ridge Center: 3892 Pea Ridge Rd.
  10. Shiloh Center: 152 Richland Dr.

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