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Apply for permits now through our online portal.   Register, then apply for your permit.  You'll schedule inspections and receive emails with the results.  
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Our inspectors leave out between 7:30-8:00 AM.   Be sure your inspection will be ready by 7:30 AM.  If not, please schedule it for the next day.   There will be no exceptions.

  • Helpful hints for the portal:
  • Restrict your search to a few words or even a few letters, adding more until the system finds what you're looking for.    Spell out directional words, such as North, and endings such as Road or Street.
  • "Trending" permits are our 10 most popular permits in the order of popularity.  For a list of all permits to choose from (in alphabetical order), choose All.
  • If a field requires a number, do not use special characters or letters in that field.  Ex:  "Service size" For a 200 amp service, just put 200
  • Read descriptions of the permits or call the office if unsure of which type of permit to use so you won't have to re-apply.
  • Write your username and password down somewhere so you will have it handy when scheduling inspections, etc.
  • Save the link once you get to your Dashboard to your home screen or Favorites for quicker access to the portal.
  • For a required trade that is not needed for your job, type Needed and search.  An option will come up for Needed Not (not needed).  Choose that option.
  • For a trade that you have not yet hired a contractor for, type TBD search for a pre-loaded option, To Be Determined
  • If you intend to do any work yourself, type Owner and you'll see the pre-loaded options for Homeowner, including Homeowner Plumber, Homeowner GC (general contractor), Homeowner Mechanical, Homeowner 

    Scheduling an Inspection

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