Following is a list of the most common forms we use. These forms may be downloaded for your convenience. Some of them must be notarized. This can be done in our office or by any NC Notary Public.

Forms available for download:

Change of Contractor
This form is used to change any or all of your contractors.  If the contractor has already started work, it will be $75 (cash/check) or $78 (credit) to add another contractor. 

The following applications can be filled out and brought in when you are ready for your permit.   You can also mail the application with a check or fax/email and pay with credit card.  

Residential-Mobile Home-Miscellaneous Building Permit Application (New House, Remodel or Addition, Mobile Home, or other Structure, including demo)
Cross Section Plan (for use if you do not have a full set of plans--new house or addition)
Miscellaneous Permit Application (Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Gas, ABC)

Information Sheet for Commercial Building Permit
Your commercial plans must be reviewed by our Commercial Plan Reviewer. As this takes 3 - 5 days, please plan your schedule accordingly. If your plans are not detailed enough, he may ask you to fill out an Appendix B.

Commercial Building Permit Application
Appendix B

Final Inspection
Before your Certificate of Occupancy (CO) can be issued, your project must pass final inspection. Please note that if your are building anything with wood, NC Code requires that it be treated for termites. We must have verification of the chemical used and concentration from your pest control company. They will fax us this information at your request. Also, if you are in the Town of Lake Lure, we must have verification that your project has been released from their Zoning Administrator. You may want to contact that department a week or two before scheduling your final. We also need verification from the RC Health Department that your septic and well have been released from their system.

Inspections for your House

Temporary Construction Power
This form is used to purchase a separate electrical permit for power. This is not a temporary electrical for initial building and is not to be used for convenience-measures only. This is 60 days of electricity in order to finish the building and is $75 (cash/check) or $78 (debit/credit).

Temporary Construction Power

Mobile Home Permit Application
Inspection of Mobile Home

Once you have an assigned building inspector, it is best to talk with him as he will know you, your site, and your project, and can best answer your questions or concerns. Until that time and for general inquiries, inspection/permit requests, or for correspondences related to your permit such as duct testing, penetrometer testing, termite verifications, permit applications, engineering designs, etc., please e-mail us at Please be sure to reference your permit number if you have one assigned.