What must I do to have my project inspected?
If you are sure that all the work has been done for the particular inspection you need, call our office at  (828) 287-6035 and schedule your inspection. Please have the permit number, address, and type of inspection handy. Keep in mind that we do next day inspections. When you are requesting a final inspection, all required porches, decks, steps, and/or handrails must be in place. All electrical, plumbing, and mechanical connections must be complete, and your address must also be posted for easy access from E-911.
Final Inspection for Mobile Homes: You must have a torque and penetrometer test form completed and in our office before we can send an inspector out to inspect a mobile home. All required porches, decks, steps, and/or handrails must be in place. Your address must also be up for easy access from E-911.
Site-Built Building, Modular Building, Addition, or Commercial Establishment: You must have your building treated for termites. We must have proof of this before we can send an inspector to your home. Most termite treatment companies will fax the proper form to us at YOUR REQUEST.
A "Certificate of Occupancy" will be issued AT YOUR REQUEST once your final inspection has passed. We can fax, e-mail, or mail this. You can also pick it up at our office. We also notify the electric and water companies that a meter can be set.
Inspection Sheets
Inspection Sheet for New House or Addition
Inspection Sheet for Manufactured (Mobile) Home
The 2009 NC Residential Code made the Appendix G for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs mandatory rather than an option. One of the requirements is a barrier that MUST be in place before water is put into the pool. Code language reads as follows:
Appendix G: Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs
Swimming Pool Application

Once you have an assigned building inspector, it is best to talk with him as he will know you, your site, and your project, and can best answer your questions or concerns. Until that time and for general inquiries, inspection/permit requests, or for correspondences related to your permit such as duct testing, penetrometer testing, termite verifications, permit applications, engineering designs, etc., please e-mail us at Please be sure to reference your permit number if you have one assigned.