Issued Building Permits

We get frequent requests for information on the permits we issue.  Our online portal will now allow you to search for a permit by a particular keyword or address  or search for all permits of a given type for a given time period.  
Civic Access (
Click on "Search Public Records" (just as guest)
Search Records
and choose "Permit" from the drop-down box.  Then, enter keywords such as a permit number or address, then "Search." 

Simple Search
You can search for multiple permits for a given time period with the "Advanced" tab.  Enter whatever info you'll need for your search such as the type of permits and date range.  Be sure and choose "Permit" from the drop down box before looking for the "Advanced" tab. 
Advanced Search
Click on the link for the permit number to get a summary of the project.
More specific info with tabs
Total Permits Issued by Work Class: **New house construction  will be under New Construction; however look for the prefix BLDR to indicate Residential as BLDC is commercial new construction.
March, 2024
January, 2024
February, 2024