Frequently Asked Questions

While there is no definitive list of reasons to call 911, it’s important to remember that dialing 911 is for emergencies only! Here are some examples of when to call 911.
-To stop a crime in progress
-To report a fire of any kind
-To report an injury or serious medical problem
-To report a traffic accident
-To report any situation where a prompt response is required to protect life or property

Yes! You should not call E911 Communications to report any of the following:
-Power Outages
-Telephone Problems
-Questions about road conditions/weather
-Ambulance billing questions
-To ask for other agency/department phone numbers
-Keys locked in a vehicle (unless a child is locked inside)

Do not disconnect before speaking with the call taker! Just stay on the line, so you can let the call taker know that everything is ok. If you do not stay on the line, an officer will be dispatched to your location.

Usually. Under most circumstances your location can be pinpointed on our mapping system to within a few feet of your actual location when you call from a cellular phone. In addition, the system can typically track a moving caller. Be aware that some older cellular phones are not phase II compatible-this means we can not find your location. Always be prepared to tell the Telecommunicator your location.


Please remember that Telecommunicators are highly trained public safety professionals that have attended numerous hours of training to help them process calls quickly and accurately. The questions they ask guide them in determining the best way to handle your emergency. A common misconception is that help is not sent until the caller is disconnected. However, this is not the case. The emergency is dispatched as soon as the initial call information is received. Remember, Telecommunicators work as a team. While one is obtaining your information, another is often sending the appropriate help.

YES! If you are in an emergency situation and cannot call 911 (due to the nature of the emergency or if you are hard of hearing, deaf or speech impaired) you can text 911 as an alternative.  The numbers '911' should be entered in the 'To' field and the message should contain the location of the emergency and they type of help needed. Dialing 911 and speaking with a Telecommunicator is always preferable. Call if you can, ONLY text if you can't.


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