2 - Important Property Information

Properties are sold "as is". The County of Rutherford makes no representations as to unforeseen encumbrances on the property or exact property boundaries. The bidder must investigate the property for all liens, judgments, taxes, assessments, or other encumbrances that would attach to the property - including any possible encumbrance by the County of Rutherford. The County of Rutherford recommends that you consider retaining an attorney to do the research and provide you with a title opinion. The bidder has the responsibility to verify the property with regard to size, zoning, development potential, structural and mechanical, plumbing integrity, etc., to the extent the bidder is satisfied and understands what is being acquired. The County of Rutherford Building Inspections, Environmental Health, Revenue Department and/or Planning and Public Works can assist with interpreting County/Municipal development regulations, ordinances and codes.