Collection FAQ

If you have any other questions regarding motor vehicle taxes, please refer to the page Tag and Tax Together on this website.


When are real estate and personal property taxes due?

When should taxes be paid to avoid interest?

What is the interest from January 6th to January 31st?

What if I don't receive a tax bill?

When taxes are delinquent can you make payment arrangements?

When will property be advertised in the paper and if I have payment arrangements will the property still be advertised?

What action is taken if I don't pay my taxes or make arrangements?

What if I sold the property and I get a tax bill?

What if I get a tax bill and my mortgage company is supposed to pay them?

Why do I pay county taxes when I live in the city?

How do I obtain tax receipts for my income taxes?

Can I pay my real property, personal property or delinquent taxes on-line?

If I want to pay by cash, check or money order, what are my choices?

What if I can't get to the office during business hours?

Motor Vehicles - What if I receive an invitation to renew on a vehicle I no longer own?

What information do you need to prorate taxes on a motor vehicle after it was sold?

Can I wait to pay my car taxes when I pay my real estate taxes?

Why do I have to pay fire district tax or city taxes on my vehicle?