Foreclosure FAQ's

Why are delinquent real property taxes subject to foreclosure?

What if the taxpayer sells the real property after January 1, and the bill is not received by the new owner?

What does Rutherford County do with delinquent tax bills?

What happens when the Tax Office assigns property to attorneys to foreclose?

What is the legal effect of a tax foreclosure filing?

What happens after the filing of the tax foreclosure complaint?

Can the tax foreclosure sale be stopped or redeemed from sale?

How often does Rutherford County conduct tax foreclosure sales?

Where are the foreclosure sales held?

Do I have to register to participate in the sale? Do I have to present to bid?

What happens the day of the foreclosure sale?

What is the status of title delivered by a tax foreclosure deed? Are there any warranties on the property?

Are the properties subject to any liens?

If I am the high bidder at the sale, what happens next?

What happens if the winning bidder is unable to produce the total amount due within three business days after they are deemed the winner?

What happens to the properties that do not receive any bids at sale?

Can a property listed for foreclosure sale be redeemed?

Can I pay the taxes due and acquire the property?