Court House Security / Court Bailiffs

The Courthouse Security Division is responsible for providing security in and around the Rutherford County Court House. These officers also work as bailiffs inside the courtrooms. The Court Security Officers provide general security in and around the courtrooms, which includes security for judicial officials, security for jurors during a jury session of court. The Bailiffs call the court sessions to order, call recesses and adjournment of court sessions as directed by the presiding judicial official. They may also take persons into custody per court order or judgment and assist the general public with court related and other county government questions. Courthouse Deputies operate the Security Check Point at the entrance to the Courthouse. 
Captain Brian Gooch is supervisor for Court House Officers:

Court House Security/Baliffs
Sgt. Brett Hooper

Cpl.  Billy Wall

Cpl. Mike Messer

Deputy Justin McCluney

Deputy Travis Hamby