Concealed Weapons Permits

Office Hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Except Holidays)

Concealed Weapons Permits
To qualify for a concealed handgun permit you must first complete a Concealed Handgun Permit class.  After completion of this class you may apply for the permit here:
Renewals are also available to be completed with the above link.
For additional help or questions with this process, call :  828-287-1206. 
An appointment is necessary when applying for a NEW Concealed Weapon Permit,
contact Det. Shane Ruppe at: 828-287-1206 or you may request an appointment online with the following link:                                 
In the above link you will also find the renewal application for use

**As much as our office attempts to get all Concealed Weapon Permits back quickly, generally there is a 90 -working day time period or less, to process and get a New and/or Renewal Concealed Weapon Permits back.
Please plan accordingly when renewal date is approaching, you may apply up to 3 months (from expiration date) early for a renewal. To print and bring in you can use the following:

  • New Permits - New Concealed Handgun Application Packet- New CCW application  Packet
  • Renewal Permits - Renewal CCW Application
  • Please Note:  There is no longer an appointment required for renewing a Concealed Weapon Permit
  • A Change of address form  is required for anyone holding a Concealed Weapon Permit issued in Rutherford County, NC and moves within Rutherford County, NC or moves out of Rutherford County, this form along with a copy of the valid permit and a valid NC drivers license (listing the new address) should be returned, in person, to the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office to process the change.
  • If you move from another county in NC, you must change your address in the county listed on your current permit before we can process a permit.  
  • There is a $5.00 (CASH)charge to obtain a duplicate permit, this is only if a Concealed Permit has been destroyed or is lost, we no long issue a duplicate permit for address changes. 
  • PLEASE, DO NOT send cash through the mail for a duplicate permit or Renewal application, you must appear in person to make these requests.  
These Concealed Weapon Instructors are in Rutherford County and can assist you if you would like to take the Concealed Handgun Permit class.  

NC Firearm Laws
Fingerprinting is done on a first come first serve basis on Tuesday and Thursday 1p.m.-3p.m., all Rutherford County residents will be fingerprinted at no charge, out of county residents will pay $10 cash.