Firearm Purchase & Concealed Weapons Permits

Office Hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Except Holidays)

Firearm Purchase Permits
There is no appointment necessary to apply for a Firearm Purchase Permit.  

We offer an online Firearm Purchase Permit application process. Through this website, you may apply for a Firearm Purchase Permit online.  The  Release of Court Orders Concerning Mental Health & Capacity for Pistol Purchase Permit "Release" form must be filled out within 5 business days, notarized and brought to the Sheriff's Office  before an application can be fully processed. 
**In the event you fail to bring in the "Release Form" within 5 business days, your application will expire and you will need to re-apply.
Please fill out each blank on the online application as your drivers license reads, please do not use nick names or any abbreviation.

*There are notaries available at the Sheriff's Office that can help you at no charge.  Please wait to sign this form until you get in front of a notary at the Sheriff's Office.

Below are links to all (4 pages) printable documents to apply for a Firearm Purchase Permit, please bring in all the highlighted pages below as well as valid North Carolina identification to the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office:

**In the event you fail to sign the "Release Form" within 5 business days, your application will expire and you will need to re-apply. 

Concealed Weapons Permits
To qualify for a concealed handgun permit you must first complete a Concealed Handgun Permit class.  After completion of this class you may apply for the permit here:

For additional help or questions with this process, call :  828-287-1206. 
An appointment is necessary when applying for a NEW Concealed Weapon Permit,
contact Det. Shane Ruppe at: 828-287-1206 or you may request an appointment online with the following:                                  

**As much as our office attempts to get all Concealed Weapon Permits back quickly, generally there is a 90 -working day time period or less, to process and get a New and/or Renewal Concealed Weapon Permits back.
Please plan accordingly when renewal date is approaching, you may apply up to six months (from expiration date) early for a renewal.

  • New Permits - New Concealed Handgun Application Packet- New CCW application  Packet
  • Renewal Permits -  Renewal Concealed Handgun Application Packet-Renewal-CCW application Packet                                           
  • Please Note:  There is no longer an appointment required for renewing a Concealed Weapon Permit
  • A Change of address form  is required for anyone holding a Concealed Weapon Permit issued in Rutherford County, NC and moves within Rutherford County, NC or moves out of Rutherford County, this form along with a copy of the valid permit and a valid NC drivers license (listing the new address) should be returned, in person, to the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office to process the change.
  • If you move from another county in NC, you must change your address in the county listed on your present permit before we can process a permit.  
  • There is a $5.00 (CASH)charge to obtain a duplicate permit, this is only if a Concealed Permit has been destroyed or is lost, we no long issue a duplicate permit for address changes. 
  • PLEASE, DO NOT send cash through the mail for a duplicate permit, you must appear in person to request a duplicate.  
These Concealed Weapon Instructors are in Rutherford County and can assist you if you would like to take the Concealed Handgun Permit class.  

NC Firearm Laws
Fingerprinting is done on a first come first serve basis on Tuesday and Thursday 1p.m.-3p.m., all Rutherford County residents will be fingerprinted at no charge, out of county residents will pay $10 cash.