Work First

Work First Family Assistance

This is a cash assistance, employee-based program.  Families found eligible receive a monthly check.  Eligibility is based on household income and reserve.  The program's purpose is to enable citizens to become self-sufficient by linking them with resources and skills that help them secure and maintain employment.  Families that receive a monthly check must cooperate with Child Support Enforcement, register with the Employment Security Commission, complete a substance abuse screening and actively participate in work-related activities leading to self-sufficiency.  In addition, individuals are required to sign a Mutual Responsibility Contract.  This states that they agree to:

  • Get their children immunized
  • Ensure that their children receive regular medical check-ups
  • School aged children attend school regularly
  • Teen parents must live at home and stay in school
  • Seek employment, unless exempt

Sanctions are imposed for non-compliance with the Mutual Responsibility Agreement and non-compliance with Child Support.

Work First Employment Services
Employment services are provided to recipients of Work First Family Assistance when the parent is included in the grant.  The goal of this welfare reform program is to move families from dependence on public assistance to economic self-sufficiency as quickly as possible.  Support provided includes education and vocational training, day care, transportation cost stipend, evaluation of job skills and areas of interest, assistance with job search and job retention, and any other needs that are barriers to work.

How to Apply
Walk in - no appointment is necessary. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 to 5:00
Call 287-6165 and let them know you want to sign up for Work First
For further information contact Tammy Carter, Work First Supervisor at (828) 287-6268