Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

Medicaid or Health Choice may be available to people who are:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Blind or disabled
  • Infants and children under the age of 21
  • Low-income individuals and families
  • In need of long-term care
  • Receiving Medicare

You also must:

  • Be a US citizen or provide proof of eligible immigration status (individuals only applying for emergency services are not required to provide documentation of immigration status)
  • Live in North Carolina, and provide proof of residency
  • Have a Social Security number or have applied for one

You are automatically eligible for Medicaid if you receive any of the following:

Income and Resource Eligibility Requirements
Medicaid and Health Choice are for low-income beneficiaries. Your DSS caseworker will calculate your total income and resources to determine eligibility. For basic information on income and resource requirements:

There are six ways to apply (one application works for Medicaid and Health Choice).

  1. Apply online at ePASS.
  2. Apply online at
  3. Apply in person at your county Division of Social Services (DSS) office.
  4. Fill out a paper application and mail to or drop it off at your county DSS office.
  5. Fill out a paper application and fax to your local DSS office.
  6. Complete a telephone application with your local DSS office. 

The NC FAST ePASS website now includes a Spanish translation option, as well as the ability to complete the full application process in Spanish online, previously only possible using a paper form. These improvements will remain in place beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and do not impact previously submitted applications.

Click here to go to ePASS

Click here for NC Medicaid Application for Coverage of COVID-19 Testing Costs - DHB-5200CV

N.C. Health Choice for Children
Children who are under age 19 may qualify for free or low cost health insurance if they are uninsured and if the family income is higher than the Medicaid limits but less than 200% of the poverty level. There is no limit on resources. The coverage is similar to that of Medicaid. Eligible children receive a card which is valid for one year (unless they move out of state or become insured through another source).  For more information 

Begin the Application Process On Line Through E-Pass
ePASS is a tool that lets you check on the Internet to see if you may be eligible for several North Carolina benefits and services. ePASS shows you the benefits for which you may be eligible. It can also help you decide if you want to apply for assistance. It may also make it easier to apply for benefits. You can complete and print off an application for Food and Nutrition Services and Medicaid and mail it or bring it to DSS.