Links and Resources
It's a great big world out there.  Here are some links that we've picked out as helpful in learning to manage your recycling. There are tons (no pun intended!) of recycle information out there! A little research goes a long way.

There's a lot more info where that came from...
NC Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance - Provides a comprehensive list of related websites for citizens, businesses, industry and local decision makers.
Earth 911 - Helps to locate recycling centers for any specific good.  Also offers interesting articles and advice for living as "green" as possible.

For kids!
Recycle Guys - Offers music, videos, games and activities for kids of all ages.

Energy Kids - This website teaches kids about using and saving energy in homes, buildings, transportation, and consumer decision making. While designed for a younger crowd (think middle school), this site does a great job at not "dumbing down" information. Recycle City - Explore Recycle City to see what its residents are doing to make the world a better place.  Have any ideas for your own home?
The Rotten Truth (About Garbage) - An exhibition for the older kids, telling about people who have made a difference and offering a variety of activities to get motivated.  Make-Stuff - Click the type of item you have and it will give you a list of crafts you can make using it.

Crafting a Green World - This website is meant to serve as a resource for crafters to be sure that they are crafting in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Instead of tutorials on how to craft, it provides photos to inspire you and offers suggestions for what kinds of materials to use.

Practice Conservation
Water: Use it Wisely - Provides conservation tips, facts and resources.  Includes a list of 100+ ways to conserve water.

Bottle Bill - Learn all about the "bottle bill," which requires a deposit on all beverage containers; the deposit is returned when the bottle in turned in to be recycled.  This bill is currently in effect in 11 U.S. states and it works!

What else can you do that's good for the earth?
Ecological Footprint Quiz - Figure out how many earths we would need to sustain a lifestyle like yours.  How can we get this number to one?

TreeHugger - Provides up-to-date news, activities, resources, forums, games and so much more.  Whether you consider yourself a "treehugger" or not, this site has a variety of information regarding transportation, travel, architecture, celebrities, fashion, or food.

Guide to Cigarette Litter Prevention - Explore strategies to prevent cigarette litter in your community.