Opioid Settlement Fund Grants Letter of Intent Information

Letter of Intent for 2024 Opioid Settlement Fund Grants

 Rutherford County signed onto the national opioid litigation lawsuit in 2017. National settlement agreements, worth over $50 billion, have been reached and as part of the settlement, Rutherford County signed the North Carolina Memorandum of Agreement, which details how the funds can be used to combat the opioid overdose crisis. Rutherford County is currently slated to receive approximately $10,810,488 over an eighteen-year period. In 2022, the County created the Rutherford County Opioid Settlement Funds Strategic Planning Committee to advise the County on how best to appropriate and invest the funds. This committee is comprised of local subject matter experts who work in the field of substance use disorder prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery. The committee has recommended to allocate the funds for the fiscal year 2024-2025 through a two-step process. First, the committee has gathered a subcommittee to review Letter of Intent submissions to evaluate potential proposals. Finalists selected by the subcommittee will be invited to complete an extended application. Applicants must complete the Letter of Intent form to be considered for full funding. Each applicant must request a minimum of $25,000 with a maximum of $500,000 available for all 2024-2025 projects. The committee hopes to fund multiple projects for this fiscal year. If your qualifying organization is interested in submitting a Letter of Intent, please complete the PDF found on this page with answers to all questions and submit via email with "Opioid Settlement Funds Letter of Intent" in the subject line OR send via mail as a single packet to the address noted in the instructions in the PDF below by 5:00pm Wednesday, January 31st 2024.