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Welcome to our home and the quiet pace of a small town community, where the first one dollar gold coin was minted in the United States by Christopher Bechtler in 1831. This website has been designed with our residents, visitors, and businesses in mind, to provide online information that is easy to find and simple to use. Our moderate climate makes any season pleasurable. We're Small-Town Friendly where all can enjoy the luxury of being "close to the action, but far from the crowd."

Please take a moment to browse our directories and links to learn more about us. Can't find what you are looking for? Click one of the headings above to continue your search, or just give us a call at (828) 287-6060. We'd be happy to help.

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An Opportunity to Serve Your County

clock Posted Nov 09, 2021


clock Posted Oct 27, 2021

Daily Courier Article Regarding RC Proposed Budget 2021-2022

clock Posted May 05, 2021

Notice of Public Hearing

clock Posted Apr 21, 2021

Request for Bids

clock Posted Apr 01, 2021

Inclement Weather Advisory

clock Posted Feb 17, 2021

New ICC President Named

clock Posted Dec 10, 2020

COVID-19 Executive Order 180 "FAQ"

clock Posted Nov 24, 2020

Complete the US Census 2020!

clock Posted Aug 14, 2020

Bring $$$ to Our County!
US Census 2020 #StandUpBeCounted - https://vimeo.com/416182106

Slow Internet? No Internet? Broadband Survey

clock Posted Aug 14, 2020

PSA - Veteran Services Office Closure

clock Posted Jul 14, 2020

PSA - Revenue/Tax Office Closure

clock Posted Jul 10, 2020

Election Results

clock Posted Jun 23, 2020

Notice of Meeting - Board of Equalization and Review

clock Posted Mar 30, 2020

Primary Election - 2020

clock Posted Feb 13, 2020

Cliffside Sanitary District

clock Posted Jan 10, 2020

2019 Year End Highlights

clock Posted Jan 02, 2020

A Rutherford County Treasure

clock Posted Nov 07, 2019

Recycle Right

clock Posted Sep 13, 2019


clock Posted Aug 26, 2019

Mental Health Matters

clock Posted Jun 04, 2019

Alert Rutherford

clock Posted May 20, 2019

Tax Foreclosures

clock Posted Mar 18, 2019

Rutherford County Survey of Recreational Needs

clock Posted Mar 12, 2019

ICC Fire Training Facilities

clock Posted Feb 20, 2019

Partners Welcomes Rutherford County

clock Posted Feb 19, 2019

Security Card Reader System Rebid - RFQ & Specs

clock Posted Aug 31, 2018

Rutherford Co Seeks Housing Repair Assistance Requests

clock Posted Jul 20, 2018

Mental & Behavioral Health

clock Posted Jun 20, 2018
Rutherford County Mental Health LME/MCO Disengagement Plan

Upcoming Commissioner Meetings

clock Posted Jan 31, 2018

Tag & Tax Together FAQ

clock Posted Jan 30, 2018

Ruth School Adaptive Reuse Plan

clock Posted Jan 15, 2018

Rutherford County Receives $30,000 Grant for Thermal Belt Rail-Trail Amenities

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